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EDGE RADAR AJNA, our in-house RADAR system stands out with its enhanced performance and exceptional target detection. Suitable to all types of vessels including high seas, coastal and river vessels, AJNA brings unprecedented accuracy. IMO certified, both the X and S Band RADARS meet international standards.

This latest RADAR improves the detection and tracking of targets, thanks to its solid state as well as Magnetron based scanners. An advanced integration of scanner outputs onto a single screen and makes the analysis more convenient analysis. Furthermore, GUI with Picture in Picture mode for dual range and other applications makes the system uncomplicated. The screen can also be wirelessly monitored from locations other than bridge with the help of Industrial Tablets & iPads etc. The Radar system has 3 main screen sizes namely 19″, 24″ and 26″. They can be an all-in-one PC, or a processor with a display unit.

It is specifically crafted to be compatible with the Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and Integrated Navigation System (INS).

19-inch Display
24-inch Display
26-inch Display
S Band Radar
  • IMO Approved X and S Band radar scanners
  • Solid State and Magnetron based scanners
  • PiP Functionality with dual range
  • Velocity Tracking to differentiate approaching and leaving targets
  • CCTV Tracking
  • Sector Blanking and Guard zones
  • Integration with Vessel Communication System
  • Compatible with Costal Surveillance & VTMS systems
  • Oil Spill detection
  • Optional Wireless monitoring & Controls
  • Optional Heater kit for extreme temperature operations
  • Selectable Antenna speed
  • Extremely light design and ease of Installation


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