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EDGE ECDIS GAMAYA EX1 is our in-house, type approved innovative navigational system for marine vessels. In addition to high seas and coastal vessels, this latest system is also suitable for river vessels. GAMAYA EX-1 ECDIS is a future-proof user-friendly, neatly organised, touchscreen-compatible GUI with a quick learning curve. Our innovative navigational system can be customized to support multiple Regional/National languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, etc. Depending on the vessel and class, it can be configured in a variety of ways. The GAMAYA EX1 is integral to the safe navigation of the ship as it provides a number of safety functions, including CATZOC feature generating warnings when dangerous zones are approached.

EDGE ECDIS mainly has 2 types of PC Hardware for installation OnBoard –

  • EDGE Panel PC – An all in one type PC that can be flush/table mounted on the bridge for seamless integration with the bridge.
  • EDGE Box PC with Display Unit – The Box PC is installed or mounted in the console, and the display can be flush/table mounted on the bridge.

There are three display sizes, 19”, 24” and 26″, with dynamic resolution allowing them to be compatible up to 65”

19-inch Display
24-inch Display
26-inch Display
Box PC
  • Customizable to regional / national languages.
  • Wide range of sensor inputs with consistent versatility.
  • Easy to configure and commission.
  • Screen sizes and hardware configuration can be changed as per user requirements.
  • Fast-Fit Cable streamlines cabling and downsizes chaos.
  • Touch-friendly intuitive user interface.
  • In the event of errors or bugs, it is simple to roll back to the commissioned state.
  • It is both constant and relies upon BAMS.
  • Seamless radar overlay service.
  • Optional ergonomic keyboard and trackball.
  • Online or offline chart updates are possible.
  • UPS kit with an auto changeover to ensure uninterrupted power backup to ECDIS for nearly 20 minutes
  • Cyber secure compliant system hardware.
  • With the addition of the Radar Interface board, any model of Radar 2 onboard can be used for ECDIS Radar Overlay.
  • Master System with Paper Charts for Backup
  • Master and Backup System for redundancy
  • Master, Backup and Planning System for Complete Paperless operations


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