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Meet EDGE CONNING SYSTEM, the most advanced in-house coning system. The intuitive system consolidates all the sensor information on the bridge and empowers the bridge to function as a central hub for vessel observation and control. It is designed to be suitable for all types of vessels.

The system offers effective management of the bridge as it seamlessly integrates with both the EDGE ECDIS and ECDIS RADAR systems, displaying all information on a unified screen. This enables easy communication via VHF, Intercom, PSA, etc. from the home screen. In addition, all the information can be accessed via a wireless and portable device like Tablet/ iPad.

The conning system comes with size compatibility varying from 10-65 inches. The customisation and easy drag-and-drop method make the conning system more accessible. In addition, it supports various communication protocols including Serial, UDP and TCP/IP.

19-inch Display
24-inch Display
26-inch Display
  • Flexible configuration
  • Intuitive touchscreen compatible UI
  • Customizable widget based UI
  • Supports Serial, UDP and TCP/IP NMEA signal formats
  • Wireless display using tablet/iPad
  • BAMS System compliant
  • Picture in Picture mode support for Radar and ECDIS
  • CCTV integration and target tracking
  • Dynamic and scalable software to run on various screens from 10” to 65”
  • Integration with vessel communication systems like Intercom, VHF and PA.


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