Effective navigation is crucial in maritime operations to ensure safe routes. Whether it’s charting critical courses, avoiding obstacles in real-time, or optimizing routes, effective navigation is non-negotiable. EDGE has devised a wide range of user-friendly and comprehensive navigation solutions to meet current and future demands for a smoother and more efficient journey at sea. Our solutions are designed to meet and exceed military standards. With a commitment to innovation, we strive to develop intuitive navigation systems with advanced features and seamless integration. Discover a new era in navigation with EDGE solutions. Our solutions range from most advanced Fiber Optics Gyro technology to Completely integrated seamless bridge system.

  • Integrated bridge system
  • Gyro Compass / Heading System
  • Automatic Identification System

Integrated bridge system

EDGE Integrated Bridge System is a crucial advancement in the maritime industry as we provide integration of various solutions with enhanced precision and accuracy. It offers a comprehensive visual of information in an intuitively designed interface that grants users the power to access and navigate a wealth of information from diverse sources with ease, all at fingertips. That is derived from various sources effortlessly and helps you in making overall navigation more efficient. The interfaces of the Bridge system are designed keeping in mind the overall user experience, ensuring that vital data is effortlessly accessible, customizable, and portable, ultimately making navigation more efficient and user-friendly.

Portable Console

Gyro Compass / Heading System

Acquire accurate and reliable information about a vessel’s heading with the most advanced Fiber Optics Gyro technology and a wide range of repeaters. Our system can be used for all types of surface-based high-speed and low-speed marine vessels. Designed to meet and exceed military standards, our heading system and repeaters are adaptable in rough conditions.


EDGE AIS, Automatic Identification System, is an automated tracking system used on ships and by vessel traffic services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels through exchanging data with other nearby ships, shore stations, and satellites. EDGE AIS’s new modern and minimalistic User Interface offers a cleaner design for faster information acquisition. The colour LCD in AIS is larger and brighter for easy viewing and it provides the space to accommodate an onscreen software keyboard for intuitive data input.

AIS provides an Integrated Pilot Plug Interface. A pilot plug connector located in the waterproof hatch on the front panel ensures easy access. It is certified for SOLAS and Inland, ready for operation both on high seas and rivers.

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